How Do I Update My Re-KYC In HDFC?

How Do I Update My Re-KYC In Hdfc: -KYC (known your customers) is an important Norms under the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is necessary for the bank to know customer periodically identification which accounts held by them.

Customers of HDFC bank have to visit their nearest branch of HDFC bank to know about the RE-KYC policy or conditions KYC and submit your required documents accordingly the new one policy of KYC.

HDFC customer who does not provides their Re-KYC declaration form or documents are advised to follow instruction and submit the required documents.

For Individual customers to update Re-KYC:

  • Have a self-attested copy of Identify proof it may be valid Passport, Voter ID card & Aadhaar card any of that.
  • And a self-attested copy of the Residential proof.
  • Have Re-KYC Declaration form. Duly Fill it and submit to the nearest branch.
  • Joint account holders have to fill and submit the documents or application forms individually.

RE-KYC for Proprietorship Accounts:

  • Proprietor self-attested Identify proof copy.
  • Self-attested Residential address proof copy.
  • Self-attested copies of 2 Business body proof documents.
  • Provide self-attested address evidence in the name of the firm.
  • Collect Re-KYC declaration form.
  • Fill the entire form correctly.

NOTE: – This web-page is completely under the update process of Re-KYC in HDFC bank. Customers can stay connected with this web page to known related news about Re-KYC in HDFC.

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    1. To apply HDFC KYC The required documents are passport (relevant pages), Visa (only for Indian passport holders) or OCI/PO card (only for foreign Passport Holders), Address proof (either Indian or overseas address) and recent passport size photograph with the signature across the photograph. to know more required documents you can visit the official website of HDFC bank

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